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Picture of a backflow device (aka double check valve assembly)


In light of recent events regarding COVID-19, we at Mt. View-Edgewood Water Company would like to reach out to our members and customers with the intention of relieving any concerns you may have with respect to your water service and the virus.

Our mission is to ensure public health by providing sufficient and safe quantities of water for drinking and fire protection.  This will not change.

We are actively practicing "social distancing" in the office and in the field.  As such, our office is now closed to walk-in traffic.  We will, however, be available to you via phone or email.  Please call the office with questions or to pay bills.  You can also pay online through our website, or leave payments in the secure drop box in the front of our building.  It is not our intention to shutoff water service to our customers during this time. Our field staff will be available as well.

Hopefully this will be but a short-lived situation, as we do enjoy visiting with all of you.  Especially the furry, four-legged customers! 😊  Please stay healthy. 

***Please click on the link below for more information from the Washington State Dept. of Health***

2020 Hazard Mitigation Plan Outreach on April 15, 2020

The April 15, 2020 outreach has been postponed until further notice.                             Mt. View-Edgewood Water Company will be providing information about the 2020 Hazard Mitigation Plan at the April 15th Board Meeting at 6 PM.  All members are welcome to attend.  Information on the draft 2020 Hazard Mitigation Plan can be found under the news/communications page of the website.  

FAQs About My Service

Where is my shut-off valve?  It may be located in the garage, just in front of your house, or in a front room closet.  If you are unable to locate your home's shut-off valve the water can be shut-off at the backflow device.  

This device is located next to the water meter between the water meter and your home.  Remove the lid and turn the valve handle 1/4 turn (see photo left) to shut the water off.  When you are ready to turn the water back on turn the valve handle back 1/4 turn and replace the lid.

If you have any problems getting the valve handle to turn please call our office and a technician will come out to inspect the device.  Do not attempt to shut the water off at the meter.  Tampering with the meter is a federal offense.

How Do I Pay My Bill?

Click below to pay your bill online using your debit/credit card or checking account.  

If you prefer, we can set up your account for payment via direct withdrawal from your checking account (sorry, we do not accept credit cards for this process).  Once we receive a completed Automatic Payment Plan Form (see Forms) and voided check/deposit slip in our office we can activate this option. 

You can also call our office to make a payment over the phone using your debit/credit card.  And, as always, you can come by our office and make your payment in person during office hours or use our 24 hour secure drop box at the front door.

How to check if you have a water leak

Turn off all water usage fixtures  in and outside of your home.  Lift the lid to your water meter box and write down the current read.  Wait ten minutes and check the read again .  If it has changed, you have a leak.  If you have a shut-off valve located at the home structure, close it.  Check the meter read in ten minutes.  If it has changed, the leak is located in your service line between the meter and your home.  If the meter read did not change, the leak is inside your home or possibly a lawn sprinkler valve. 

NOTE-Most leaks happen in toilets and go undetected.  To check for a leak in your toilet, remove the lid from the tank and put food coloring in the tank.  Wait about ten minutes and check to see if the color has leaked into the bowl.  If so, it's likely that the flapper valve at the bottom of the tank needs to be replaced.

Just Moving Into the Area?

Just purchased a home in Edgewood? Call us and let us know about the transaction to keep the water membership in good standing.  There is a membership transfer application for the purchaser to fill out and a transfer fee of $125 due at the time of sale.

Renting a home in Edgewood?  We allow billing to non-members as a courtesy to our members if our members give permission to do so.  This involves both the member and the tenant (or property management company) filling out a Rental Application and submitting it to The Water Company with the refundable deposit of $75 and the $50 administrative fee (not refundable).  The administrative fee covers the cost of processing the application, updating member and customer records, and mailing of duplicate past due/shut off notices to both the renter and member.  Some members choose to avoid those additional costs and have the bill mailed to them and then deliver it to the tenant.  Regardless of the method of delivery, the member is our customer and is responsible for the account even though they may authorize a third party to receive the bill.

About Us

Mission Statement

The mission of the Mt. View-Edgewood Water Company is to ensure public health and protection of property by providing sufficient quantities of safe and economical water for drinking, domestic use, and fire protection.  Our goal is to provide our members with economical water service that meets or exceeds all water quality standards, maintaining policies and practices that benefit the health and welfare of the community well into the future.

Ownership and Management

The water system officially operates under the name of the Mt. View-Edgewood Water Company (Water Company) as a private, non-profit, member-owned utility.  The Water Company owns a non-chlorinated Group A Community water system that provides service to an area comprising the majority of the City of Edgewood, which is north of Puyallup and east of Milton. The Water Company has served this area since 1925.

Management Structure and Decision Making Procedures

The Water Company is governed by an elected seven-member Board of Directors that meet monthly.  The General Manager oversees the day-to-day operations.  The Water Company issues memberships (not capital stock) which entitle all members the same interest.  Members agree to follow the Water Company ByLaws as a condition of membership.

2020 Board President - Don Nelson (253) 590-9490

General Manager - Mike Craig (253) 863-7348

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