board of directors

Don Nelson, President, Board Member since 1993, (253) 590-9490

Loren Pease, Vice-President, Board Member since 2014

Steve Ellison, Treasurer, Board Member since 1997

Michael Lubovich, Secretary, Board Member since 2017

Larry Runge, Board Member since 1994

Deanna Clark, Board Member since 2018

Brian Heyamoto, Board Member since 2019


staff information


Mike Craig, General Manager

Water Distribution Manager 2 and CCS

Stephanie Christel-Lewis, Office Manager

Field Technicians

Jon Young, MTVE Employee for 33 years

Eugene Ryan, Water Distribution Manager 2 and CCS

Daniel Buff, Water Distribution Manager 1, CCS, Backflow Assembly Tester

Casey Edwards, Water Distribution Manager 1 and Backflow Assembly Tester

Reno Militello, Backflow Assembly Tester

Office Staff

Sophia Wolfram, Office Assistant

Kali King, Customer Service Representative