southern reservoir information

Southern Reservoir


In 2019 Mt. View-Edgewood Water Company is constructing a 1 Million Gallon concrete reservoir.

Existing House Demolition


A house next to the existing reservoirs was demolished to make room for the new reservoir.

Storm Water System


Storm water piping has been installed to manage storm water runoff from the reservoir site.

Really Big Rock


A very large boulder was found during the excavation for the reservoir foundation area.  It will be incorporated into the landscaping.

Reservoir Pad


As of 5/28/19 the reservoir site has been excavated, base rock has been placed and compacted, and some underground utility installation is complete.

Reservoir Foundation


On June 14 the concrete foundation and slab for the reservoir was poured.  The 12 recesses in the slab you see are for the concrete columns that will support the roof.

First Wall Section


The contractor poured the concrete for the first section of wall on 7/19/19.  The contractor will pour five more sections over the next two weeks in July.

Second Wall Section


Contractor poured the second wall section on Wednesday July 24.

Third Wall Section


Contractor poured the third wall section on July 26.

4th and 5th Wall Sections


Contractor poured the fourth wall section on July 30 and fifth wall section on August 1.

Reservoir Columns


Between August 2nd and August 9th 11 columns and footings were poured.

Final Wall Section


The last wall section and last column footing were poured on August 15th.  The last column was poured on August 16th.  

Walls Completed


Wall forms removed and reservoir with all the walls as of 8/23/19.

Interior Piping


Interior steel piping for inlet, outlet, and overflow was installed in late August.

Roof Shoring


Scaffolding and shoring installed in late August for roof placement.

Roof forming


Forms for roof constructed in early September.  Rebar installation began 9/09/19.  Tendons were stressed on 9/6/19 and filled on 9/9/19.

Pouring Concrete Roof


The concrete roof was poured on September 23, 2019.  Curing the roof and then removing the shoring will take several weeks.

Prepping Exterior Wall


On 10/24 and 10/25 exterior wall was pressure washed to prepare wall for shotcreting.

10/28/19 Shotcreting video

Check out this video of the DN Tanks shotcreting the exterior of the reservoir on 10/28/19.

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Shotcreting Complete


Contractor completed the shotcreting of the exterior walls on 11/14/19.

Horizontal Strand


After the first layer of shotcrete was placed, seven-wire strand was wrapped around the reservoir on 11/1/19 and 11/4/19.

Shotcrete Cover Layer


DN Tanks started with placing covering shotcrete layers on 11/06/19

MTVE 2019 Christmas Present


Following the placement of the shotcrete, the walls were wrapped in plastic for water curing of the concrete on 11/15/19.

External Ladder Installed


The roof access ladder was installed on 11/15/19.  The bottom is currently not attached because a couple feet of fill and a concrete pad will be installed later.

Piping and Pumps


Picture of top of booster pumps to be installed.  Contractor working on inlet and outlet piping, pump system, and drain piping for reservoir in December and January.